I. influence in‧flu‧ence 1 [ˈɪnfluəns] noun [countable, uncountable]
power to have an effect on the way something happens or the way someone does something:

• The car magazines have been gaining influence in recent years.

• The banks' directors say they have little influence over their presidents' actions.

— see also undue influence
  [m0] II. influence influence 2 verb [transitive]
to have an effect on the way something happens or the way someone does something:

• Children are heavily influenced by advertising.

influence what/​where/​ how etc

• The number of training centres will influence what training is available and who will receive it.

* * *

influence UK US /ˈɪnfluəns/ noun
[C or U] the ability to have an effect on people or events: exert/have/exercise (an) influence »

He is close enough to the President to exert influence.

(an) influence on sth »

Bloggers are expanding their influence on American politics.

(an) influence over sth »

Consumer groups act as champions and have critical influence over industry.

considerable/profound/growing influence »

He called on the industry to use its considerable influence to help resolve the situation.

[C] a person or thing that is able to have an effect on other people or on events: »

International influences in the form of technology, systems and capital have historically been a feature of industrialization and economic growth.

be an influence on sb/sth »

She has been a big influence on me in my career.


considerable/great/major influence

See also UNDUE INFLUENCE(Cf. ↑undue influence)
influence UK US /ˈɪnfluəns/ verb [T]
to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks: »

Many analysts regard the state of the U.S. job market as a major factor influencing consumer confidence.

influence how/what/when »

An organization's values have been shown to influence how employees interact with each other.

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